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Spring Early Inspection Discounts Expire May 31st

- Inspect condenser wiring and contactor

- Check capacitor start and run readings

- Check air filter

- Inspect thermostat

- Check indoor and outdoor coils for damage and dirt

- Check refrigerant level

- Check overall performance of system and make improvement suggestions

Take advantage of our pre-season specials and ensure you're ready for the summer heat.

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Spring Early Inspection Discount Details

Air Conditioner / Heat Pump - $75 per system

(multiple systems receive $5 off per system)

- Check wiring for loose connections

- Check the condition of the blower motor and inspect bearings (lubricate if applicable)

- Clean blower assembly housing, blower wheel, and blower motor if necessary

- Inspect air handler condensate drain and trap for leaks and cracks and add treatment tablets

- Check the system's sequence of operation to ensure the equipment starts, operates, and shuts off properly

- Inspect service disconnect and wiring