How Does It Work?


Air Scrubber Plus incorporates NASA ethylene-scrubbing technology. The device is installed into home ventilation systems, which disseminate the product’s “friendly cleaners” that kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces.


The key to Air Scrubber Plus, lies is the proprietary blend of reactive metals and titanium dioxide coating. When exposed to ultraviolet light, these metals mix with the surrounding air and humidity to produce charged clusters of hydrogen and oxygen such as hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyls, and superoxide ions, which are antimicrobial and antiviral agents found in nature. “We call them friendly cleaners,” says Air Scrubber Plus executive director Tom Lozano. “They go out and reduce contaminants throughout an entire home.”


What’s more, these “friendly cleaners” are also mostly negatively charged ions. The majority of particles around the house are positive, so these ions pull these particles from the air, greatly reducing loose dust and pollen. The Air Scrubber Plus is also available in models equipped with ozone, which greatly enhances the device’s ability to combat strong odors from pets and cigarette smoke.


Technology Proven By Independent Peer-Reviewed Studies​

Air Scrubber Plus® has been rigorously tested for effectiveness in the air and on exposed surfaces by some of the top environmental scientists in the world. Researchers at Kansas State University and The University of Cincinnati have validated the effectiveness of ActivePure™ technology for reduction of particulate in the air and contaminants on surfaces. Air Scrubber Plus® works to reduce or significantly reduce up to virtually all organic and microbial compounds, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and offensive odors where we live and breathe.


First, a Kansas State University study showed that ActivePure Technology reduced an indoor environment’s amount of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, by 99.8 percent and E. coli by 98.1 percent. The study also demonstrated similar effectiveness in neutralizing black mold and other potentially dangerous pathogens.

In another study theUniversity of Cincinnati validated the technology’s ability to extract particulate matter. “These ions were dropping particles out of the air 100 times faster than relying on gravity alone,” Lozano says. “That’s a good thing because it means you’re not breathing them in anymore.”


Why is Air Scrubber Plus® Different?


Most indoor air purification and filter systems use passive technology to circulate the air in the home through a filtration system. However, this system fails to clean surfaces that carry millions of germs, like doorknobs, toilets, kitchen counters, and pet areas. Air Scrubber Plus® cleans and disinfects the air and surfaces of your home, reducing up to 99.9% of surface micro-organisms and 90% of airborne micro-organisms. The most highly respected labs in the country have tested and validated the effectiveness of the Air Scrubber Plus®.


Can Air Scrubber Plus® Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms?


Air Scrubber Plus® has been clinically proven to reduce (by 80%) airborne dust, mold, pollen and many of the other pollutants that can cause irritation and allergies symptoms.


Does Air Scrubber Plus® Eliminate Odors?


Working through your heating and air conditioning units, Air Scrubber Plus® uses specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process to reduce dust, pet dander, and odors in your home. You will be able to reduce common smells such as pet odor, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, mold smells and the occasional burnt food odor.

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